Venkatesh Vuppala : An Inspiring Independent Music Producer | Interview

Recently we interviewed Venkatesh Vuppala who is an Independent music producer and is currently working in the Tollywood industry. He is also the founder of Planet Red Music. In today's post, we will be sharing Venkatesh's success story and we are very sure that it will inspire you to start your career in the Indian music industry.

1) Tell us something about yourself? 

-I am Venkatesh Vuppala, age 26, and I'm from Hyderabad. I'm an independent music producer. Music producer in an as not the person who puts in the money. A music producer who composes, programs, mixes, masters, and a whole bunch of other stuff from the start to the end.

I have always been into music right from my childhood. I took it professionally when I got into my graduation college in LPU (lovely professional university) I started a few bands and used to perform at events and competitions. I learned music all by myself through experimenting with the art and through the internet.

2)What inspired you to pursue your career as a full-time music producer? What's the story behind it?

Just as any engineering graduate I did a job in a corporate company as well and I worked as a robot from 9 to 5. Booooom the whole year passed and all left was guilt! All that year I was away from music and I regretted it each and every day! one day I woke up and decided to quit! 

Yes, I did, I resigned! I was aware of all the risks and circumstances I have to face. To be precise I belong to a middle-class family where we all depend on monthly salaries. If we don't work for a month then life becomes upside down. I was aware but still, I took risk of doing what I wanted and doing what I love. 

Later I was unemployed for like a couple of years I could hardly make any bucks out of music. But I was happy as I was making by doing what I love. Initially, there were times I sold my music just for 3k or 2k. Now my one song values more than 2-3 lakhs on average. My song was released on South India's biggest music label Aditya music. Now we are teaming with sony as well! 

In short, I didn't want to do what we are supposed to do according to social norms, I did what I loved to do! It is as simple as it sounds.

3)What are your upcoming plans?

-It's bright ahead you'll see us everywhere if things go as we planned. Even if it didn't it's fine... Great things take time. I signed a couple of movies and did my private songs with music labels as usual. You will be seeing me teaming with singer and composer Sumanth Borra more now! I'll make sure to portray a different and interesting side of Sumanth Borra ahead.

4)What's the toughest challenge you have faced till now as a music producer and how did you overcome that?

-Being an independent artist or doing anything independent is always tough. You have to deal with the forces who don't want you to shine. But if you love and trust the art, love what you do you will find a way to shine bright, so bright you'll end the darkness. Either rule dark or rule light. The thing is you need to rule! Trust me even the sky has no limit. 

The toughest challenge was to convince people around to believe in me. How I did it? I didn't... I didn't convince anyone. All I did was to believe in myself rest your progress! I made my work speak rather than old-fashioned human communication. 

" Every people has a sad story but society doesn't care until you are successful, rich or dead"

5)What does it take to become a music producer?

-Self believes, self-motivation, self-commitment, self-care, self-confidence, self-assessment, etc etc. "Believe in self, do it yourself", as simple as it sounds. Respect the art, respect the form you'll do anything to reach it. 

6) What message you would like to give to the budding music artists?

-Never settle! Yes, you heard it right Never F*ckn settle. Trust me my friend if you love the art there will be one day you don't get excited that easy, you don't get satisfied with how many songs you do, how many hits you produce, Keep this hunger alive. This is what will drive ahead... Make this your real adrenaline! 

I have seen many who worked for a year and said this is enough I've done enough, no you didn't. Keep the hunger alive... Get better each and every day. Music is an artform it never ends, you keep learning....every day, every year, there is no end to it.

I'm literally banging my table here and saying this "I want to see myself at the age of 90 and still make music". I'll never get satisfied, I want more and I'll make more. You too who is reading this, Never settle! Keep Hustling, if you are into music, committed, talented, and love this art form our paths gonna past one day, we may work together friend. 

You might make a little money at the start but, let's keep the money aside for a while. If you are happy doing this, you will find a way to survive the world doing what you love. Just trust in self, believe in self, do what you love. Peace! 

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