Asish Pati : An IITian And A True Explorer From Odisha | Interview

This time IN SEARCH OF SMILE team has interviewed Ashish Pati who is an IITian and a passionate traveler. Without wasting any more time, let's get started with the interview.

#1 Tell us something about your education and profession?

I have completed Masters in Computer Science from IIT Kanpur, and I am currently working as a prominent data developer for the past seven years.

#2 Why and when did you think of traveling the whole world? Is it necessary to be well-settled or to possess a job with a decent salary to travel the entire world?

I started solo traveling in 2013, where I started with small hikes in Maharashtra and then made a travel plan to travel as much as possible in India. So from 2013 to 2017, I traveled in India mostly, then from 2017 to 2019, I started traveling in other Asian countries like Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, and Nepal. During this time, I mostly moved from one city to another to make traveling easy and cheap. From 2019, I moved to Europe, and my current focus for the next four years is to travel in Europe and Africa, and then move to Canada/US for 2-3 years and travel there. 

I feel a job or constant source of income is always important. Traveling is an expensive hobby, so I always thought of traveling along with a job. Job funds my travels. Also, I save some money as I'm planning early retirement from IT and becoming a full-time traveler. For a few months, I have started working as a digital nomad, where I move to a country and move remotely and travel around gradually.

#3 How do you fund your travels? How can someone fund his/her travel plans if he/she is not working stably?

I fund my travels through my job, and also, all my major life plans are in or around traveling. If something does not fit my travel plans, then I choose not to pursue it. Regarding budget traveling, it depends on where you are traveling. I never found India and few more southeast Asian countries expensive for traveling, unlike western countries. So if someone has a good plan, then traveling in India and Southeast Asian countries can be easily done. For western countries with a high-income standard, I would personally suggest finding a job in those countries, moving to those countries, and traveling gradually.

#4 How to grow on Instagram organically? 

I don't know much, as I have never been so active in Instagram consistently. I use Instagram only when I travel to share my experience. But yeah, I guess one should aware of his target audience and use hashtags accordingly. 

#5 Is it a good decision to drop out of college to travel the whole world or become a travel blogger?

It depends from person to person, but if you ask me, I would never do it. I always believe in having a backup. It's easy to follow your dreams and all quotes, but a backup is essential in reality. Traveling is not free unless you are famous, so if you drop out of college and don't have a job, you will have nothing to fund your initial trips. You need money initially, and in case you become famous later on, and others fund your travel, you can think of leaving your job.

#6 What message would you like to deliver to budding travel bloggers? What is that one bitter truth you want every budding travel Instagrammer to know?

With time, my travel definition has changed. When I started traveling back in 2013, my primary focus was to cover as many places as possible. But gradually, with time, I understood that traveling gradually has its charm. If you want to experience the culture, you should meet people and make connections. Only after then, I would suggest you travel gradually. Also, if you are serious about traveling the world, you must have a solid plan for the future and move around countries.

I hope this interview with Asish helps you to know that how you can also start traveling without risking your current profession. 

Connect With Asish: Linkedin | Instagram



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