Sumanth Borra: A Musician By Passion And Software Engineer By Profession | Interview

In today's post, we will be sharing the story of a young software engineer whose love for music never ended. Sumanth Borra is an independent musician who is working in the Tollywood industry and he has been featured on multiple big platforms such as Times Of India, Indian Express and etc. "Elaa Mari Ika Raava" is one of his best creations and it's available on the official youtube channel of Aditya Music.  We hope this interview with Sumanth will help you to understand how he managed two different careers simultaneously and was able to did good progress in both of them.

Question:1) Tell us something about yourself?

 A: I completed engineering from Lovely Professional University and working as a software engineer and with that, I am doing music part-time. I belonged to a South Indian Brahmin family so rites and rituals are in my blood from my childhood. Performing rituals required a lot of discipline which I got by inheritance. For every career, discipline is a must whether it's music or academics.

 Question:2) When and how did you get to know that you are interested in music?

 A:  I used to participate in many music events in my childhood days and also won many prizes but at that time I was not very serious about making a career out of it. But gradually my passion for music increased and it went to pick during my college days in LPU. My batchmates encouraged me to take music as a profession. After completion of my academics, I entered into the IT Industry but still, I was feeling that something is incomplete in my life and later on I realized that it was music so I started it as a side career with my friend Venkatesh Vuppala.

Question:3) How one can join a music label as an artist? How to approach music labels to work with them and tell us what you did to join Aditya Music?

 A: I would like to advise all the budding musicians to work on improving the skills and content quality that they are sharing on social media. You also need to have some experience in performing in events and recording in studios and once these things are done you can approach labels through mail or social media and if they like your content and experience then they will revert you. So all I can say is if your music content is good you won't face any problem joining any label. 

Question:4) Did you ever face nepotism at the begging of your music career? What is the main challenge you faced at the begging of your career and how did you deal with that?

 A: Luckily, I was never been a victim of nepotism but my main fear was whether the audience will like my music or not and this is a common fear for every creative artist. To overcome the above challenge one can do they should try to improve their music work and never get disheartened by negative feedback. The target audience is the main factor that is responsible for the growth of an artist. Artists try their best to impress the audience but sometimes they can't perform to audience expectations due to which many of them fail in establishing a successful career in music. The audience shouldn't get confused between views and talent otherwise they are fully responsible for killing the inner artist of an individual. 

Question: 5) As you are interested in making a career in music then why do you do engineering? 

A: I always believe in having a plan B and for me, engineering is my plan B.  To survive in today's world we must have multiple skills. Most people use to come to the music profession to gain fame and money but without any proper planning due to which most of them failed severely because of not having any plan B as a backup.

Question:6) How are you able to manage your time and do both music and IT job simultaneously?

A: From my childhood days I was very good with time management. Even today also I able to successfully manage my time. What basically I do is in the morning I give time to my IT job and in the evening I devote my time to the music. But sometimes I have to do rituals which required a lot of time but still, I never feel tired as I enjoy doing everything and music is something that helps me to get rid of stress. So the combination of my love for music and my time management skill both helped me to do good progress in life.

 Question:7) How one can convince their parents he/she wants to make a career in music?

 A: The first thing is that parents never want their child's bad. In-country like India it's very hard to predict that whether one can survive in the creative industry. No parents want that their children struggle in life and as the music career is very unpredictable parents fear sending their child into it. So if you want to convince your parents then I'll suggest you not do by only speaking words but do it by doing action and showing them the result. If still, that doesn't work do music as part-time and once you feel stable in the music industry you can move to full-time.

" Never lose hope things can change"

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