KRA By BeYouNick - Voice Of Streets

"Kra India is not a brand selling clothes and making a profit but it's a community built by the hustlers and for the hustlers"


BeYouNick KRA India

For me, a Fashion lover is not someone who wears designed clothes but someone who respects the hard work of the designer and the idea behind creating it. In today's youth, there is a misconception regarding fashion that expensive fashions mean quality fashion but it's a totally wrong concept. 

Kra is founded by one of my favorite YouTubers BeYouNick and I feel he is more than just a YouTuber as he is a responsible young entrepreneur who is changing society's mindset regarding expensive fashion. At the same time, he is supporting emerging influencers through his brand KRA.

KRA India is a limited collection brand where they are only selling those merchandise that is personally loved and designed by BeYouNick. From hoodies to Denim each piece of cloth is designed by him. So in short KRA will not only assure you quality but each piece of cloth available on the platform is actually built by a young creator who sacrificed his nights of sleep in building a brand/Product only for the hustlers.

The members of the KRA community can easily recognize each other in the streets as there are very limited streetwear collections and hence can build a positive bond with each other. 

The brand aims to cut the link between expensive and original quality products as KRA delivers some premium and Orignal fashion merchandise at a responsive cost. Quality-wise KRA is actually challenging the big brands and it's not surprising because it's a brand built by an Indian and it's enough to win the trust of consumers.

KRA make sure that each penny a hustler spends should be worth it because "Hustler baap ka paisa sa nahi khud ka paisa sa banta hai so they deserve the best".

Be a part of the KRA Community and be a lifetime member of the successful hustler's tribe.


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