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"I believe that men neglect skincare and grooming because it seems overly complex to them. With DCRAF, my aim is to make ‘looking good’ simple for men through trustworthy, effective products"

 -By Rana Daggubati

I was not very interested in men's grooming products but a few weeks back my friend Advit came up with a startup idea that will be purely dedicated to all the men. I asked him what's the reason behind coming up with such an idea, replied don't you think that even though men do a lot of hard work and manier time they sacrifice their sleep for the well-being of their family so don't they deserve something for their well-being. Listening to the above statement I got curious about his idea and was further interested in knowing more about his idea that day he introduced me to an e-commerce website named Dcraf from where he got the inspiration to work on such a startup idea. Dcraf was founded by Rana Daggubati who is a popular South Indian actor and its products are specially dedicated to all the hardworking men out there. 

Dcraf is on a mission to irradicate this social dilemma that "ONLY WOMEN" can beautify themselves.

They are a company made FOR THE MEN!

That day my friend gifted me a face scrub and when I asked what's the reason behind gifting it to me he said you are working hard, you are breaking your comfort zone to succeed and do something for your parents and as a friend also you are helping out your fellow batchmates in every possible way and at last, you don't take time for yourself. 

Well I'm not sure that I am that hardworking but anyhow it's his opinion as a friend but all I can say is after using the face-scrub I'm in love with the product. The face scrub by Dcraf is an organic product and it has skin healing properties. It helps to remove excess oil from the face and at last, makes you feel refreshing 

So all I can say to the Men is to take some time for yourself because better health and a refreshing body will make you more energetic and you can do and achieve more for your family. 

So from my side, I would like to say all the best to Advit for the beginning of his entrepreneurship journey and also all the best to Dcraf to succeed in the mission of creating awareness for men's grooming.

The story was written by:

-Aditya Narayan Mohanty


  1. Congratulations and best wishes with this productcongratulations and best wishes with this product

  2. Great to read about DCRAF products, Looks great. Greetings.

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  4. Excellent blog, I appreciate it. but I believe a dry skin routine should be like monthly two times and oily skin can apply face scrub once a week. Correct me if I am wrong.


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