The Paranormal Talks - Aniket Chiniwalla , A Para Psychologist And Indian Paranormal Team Member | Interview

In today's post, we will be sharing the interview of Aniket Chiniwalla who is a parapsychologist and he is also an official member of the Indian Paranormal Team. This interview is part of "The Paranormal Talks" project.

Q 1. Can you please tell us something about yourself?

Ans. My name is Aniket. I am an advertising professionalist by profession and I have been in the paranormal field out of interest because I have completed my course graduation in Human Psychology.

Q 2. Why did you choose this field?

Ans. I had certain experiences which I could not understand, out of which a couple were even near-death experiences. So to further enhance my understanding of those and what happens to a person after death. 

In a lot of our Shastras, we say that death is not the end, but the beginning of new life. So to get a whole deeper understanding of these things, I chose this field. 

Q 3. How would you describe your life in a nutshell?

Ans. Crazy. To describe it in one word, "Crazy".

Q 4. To what extent, the horror reality shows are true? As they have mentioned that the show is based on real-life events?

Ans. People need to understand that whatever showed in horror shows is ninety to ninety-nine percent fake. These things are projected just to get PRPs. 

The actual paranormal activities are completely different. There is some form of manifestation present, but not as extreme as shown in the Horror shows. Actual apparations are common and true to an extent. But not in the way these things are projected. So a spirit or energy can only manifest itself when it has the aura around it to show itself. 

In Horror Shows, they show that after entering a haunted place, the tables start flying, chairs start shaking, etc. This is not what happens. At the very least I have not experienced this. A haunted place doesn't mean that every time a person enters it, a paranormal activity will take place. A haunted place means that there is a certain form of energy there. There are also different forms of energies as well. To bifurcate this, you have to understand what these energies are and how can they be shown. The paranormal field is still evolving. People are still trying to understand and learn what happens to our souls after they leave our bodies.

So whatever is depicted and shown in the television shows, should be taken and watched as a form of entertainment, and left at that.

Q5. How Should we react if we encounter something paranormal?

Ans: The first step would be to remain calm. No energy is going to hurt you intentionally. Never ever provoke it, by speaking something like, “If you have the guts then come out or do this”. Just tell them you respect them and you don’t mean any harm to them.

Q6. Have you experienced something paranormal?

Ans. I won’t say that I’ve seen a ghost personally. But I would say that I have felt like someone was close to me. And then I saw an apparition appearing in front of my eyes. There are many derivations of this. It could be my hallucination, a real apparition, or a residue of energy that was there. So it is very difficult to judge until you have thoroughly researched or thoroughly examined the place and understand the circumstances.

Q7. Which are the best places for experiencing something paranormal?

Ans. There are many rumors that Bhangarh is a haunted place but there was no paranormal activity ever reported. Kuldhara has been proven to be a place that has a lot of paranormal activity. But I do not advise anyone to go there without any professional help or without any professional guidance. First of all, properly learn how to investigate. Don’t be like "I will go there and see for myself whether there is a ghost or not”. Never do this learn about the field first.



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