A Better Man ft Mensome India

Since our early days, we only have heard that boys are strong, successful, brave, carefree, powerful, and so on. We decided that they have to be so to be considered a Real Man. Is it fair to dictate how anyone should be based on their gender and not based on their qualities, talent, and dreams?

It is good to be strong, successful, brave, carefree, and powerful when you can be the best version of Yourself, uninfluenced by worldly opinions of how anyone should be.
Why is it that we have made such an opinion about men? Why do we say 'act like a man' when someone tries expressing their problem? Who decided staying a cold-hearted person would make you feel powerful? It is time we decide how we have to become better.

How can you become better at being a man?
When you are not told to be influenced only by that which displays power and authority but not compassion and vulnerability. When you are not someone who only gives comfort and happiness to others but also someone who shares his pain with others. When you can be open about your thoughts, problems, emotions, interests, and dreams without any judgment by what anyone would say, that is when you have the space to express and feel your own emotions. In doing so, you will become more understanding, kind, compassionate, gentle, optimistic, open towards others, patient, and resilient to others' comments who still believe that a true man does not feel, think or express anything they are going through. 
It is easier said than done? True. But in today’s world, we are acknowledging the need to change these rusted ways and embrace a more practical and healing perspective of how we should be.
Only when we are happy and whole in what we feel, think, and express, we can make others happy and whole.

We would like to thank Mensome for starting a dedicated e-commerce platform only for men where they can choose and buy lifestyle accessories for themselves. So now is the right time that you start thinking a bit about yourself.

Have a good day:)

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