Akhil Kondle : Story of The Youngest Indian Book Of Records Holder From Hyderabad

Akhil Kondle with his Indian Book of Records Award and memorandum

Akhil Kondle is one of the young Indian book of records holders. He recently got listed in Indian books of record for solving Rubik's cube underwater within 1 minute 25 seconds. Akhil's success story started at LPU where he pursued his engineering. Akhil was an average student but according to him, his friends played a greater role in his success story in comparison to academics.

After Akhil completed his engineering he was not very confident about choosing a career so he decided to take a break and then think about what to do next. In the COVID times, he started taking tuition classes, and with that COVID times gave him a great opportunity to try out his passion for Rubik's cube.

"I started watching videos on Rubik's cube solutions in the lockdown time and Ilayaram Shekar’s Guinness world video is one of the videos that inspired me to practice Rubik's cube and take that passion to a next level," said Akhil

After getting some motivation he also tried for the Guinness world record which stated the challenge of solving 7 cubes underwater. He practiced holding his breath and learned almost all the CFOP algorithms which consist of more than 80 in number. After he got into Post-Graduation in 2021, he was able to solve 4 easy scrambled Rubik’s cubes underwater in 1 min 40 seconds with the support of his friends. Then after a lot of hard work, he was able to solve up to 7 cubes, but still, he failed to break the record because when he was learning all these things the record got higher and this time it was something around solving 10 cubes. This news almost broke Akhil's dream but still, he kept practicing. 

"I tried filming under the pool, a couple of times. On Oct 5, 2021, I captured three videos of solving 5 cubes underwater by using two hands. But it got rejected in the Indian Book of Records" added Akhil

After a lot of failure and rejections finally, he made another effort towards solving two cubes simultaneously underwater. At last, it took him 1 minute 25 seconds. His video got verified by Indian Book Records and after a lot of continuous failures, he got successfully listed in the Indian Books of Records.

"Never Lose Hope"