The Earrings Story Ft ITokri | Review

 "It makes you feel good when you gift something to your mother, but it makes you feel proud when you give her something with your own money" Earrings

I still remember my childhood days, when I had once taken ₹100 from my mom's wallet, without her permission, to purchase a gift for her birthday. I decided to buy a pair of earrings with that money. When I returned home, she was a bit upset as she had kept some cash in her wallet and now she was unable to find it. I told her that it was just ₹100, to which my mom replied that maybe it might seem to be a small amount to me, but it's the money that my father earned after working hard. That day I realized the value of hard work and the penny earned with it. I apologized to her, and she enquired the reason for it, after which I told the truth. She smiled and said that she'd accept my gift and would she'd be even happier if I promised her that someday, I'd purchase something for her with the money I earn and not by borrowing from someone else. I promised her, without any hesitation. She further added that a gift might be expensive or cheap, but our hard work will determine the effort invested in purchasing it, and it will show the strength of love.

Five years later, the golden day finally came, and I gifted my mom a pair of silver earrings that I purchased from Itokri with the money I earned. The reaction and my mom's smile were the same as that day, but the difference now was that she was proud of me. Therefore, if you also want to gift your mom something special, I'll advise you to check Itokri. They have an exquisite collection of Indian handicrafts that our Indian artisan designs with their hard work and love for the art. 

Story Written By: Aditya Narayan Mohanty



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