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I remember in my childhood days my mom used to tell me stories of Ganesha to make me fall asleep and even today also I love listening to those beautiful stories from her. She used to tell me about the love of goddess Parvati for her son Ganesh. It is said that Ganesha was born without the participation of Lord Shiva. Once in a while the incident took place this way when one day Parvati wanted to take bath, there were no attendants around her to guard her and stop anyone from even accidentally entering the house. Therefore, to protect herself from any mishappening she made an image of a boy out of a turmeric paste from which she used to take bath and infused life into it, and thus Ganesha was born.

My mom then continued that it might be a fictional story for some people but the moral of the story is not fictional as the story simply conveyed a message that a mother all alone is enough to give birth to her baby and take care of the baby very well this tells us that she's strong enough to fight all the odds in life for her child. Whenever I have some sort of argument with my mom on stupid things for some reason I sometimes get annoyed with her but she used to make it up for me by telling me the same story to see me happy again. I still remember an incident that took place in my childhood when one day me and my mom went to the temple and by mistake, I forgot to remove my shoes before entering the temple and suddenly a strange person noticed that and in a very rude tone he spoke to my mom " is this the lesson you have taught your son, you have taught him to enter the temple by wearing shoes?" after hearing the same I became really sad and scared because I felt that I committed a huge mistake and my mom will punish me. When we reached home she behaved in a very normal way and didn't say a word about the incident which took place outside the temple which made me curious I asked my mom "why are you not punishing me and if you are angry with me please tell me" after listening to me my mom replied, "I know that whatever you did was a mistake and I know you won't repeat it but I want you to make me a promise". As a child, I thought that she will ask me to never enter the temple again with the shoes but I was wrong. She asked me to promise that "I will never use such rude words to any mom out there in the world which was used by that strange man for my mom because a mother sacrifices her entire life to make his child a good man".

Whatever lessons she had taught me I am pretty sure that I could have never learned them by reading any book. Everyone knows Ganesha's story but most of them still don't understand the value of their mother and the best example for the same is that strange man. 

As I used to stay in the hostel I didn't get enough time to spend with my mom that's why I gifted her a Handicraft Idol of Lord Ganesha so that in my absence that idol will fulfill my place. I am extremely thankful to Tokenz from the bottom of my heart for sending me this beautiful Brass Idol of Lord Ganesha. I would request everyone to support Tokenz as they actually deliver high-quality handicrafts and if you are a handicraft fan and looking for some beautifully designed handicrafts of India then definitely check them out.

The story was written by Aditya Narayan Mohanty

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  1. Respect mothers ;

    Mother's love is the purest form of love in this World, and
    Mother is the greatest blessing for a child by God. As a child,
    it is our responsibility to value the sacrifice and efforts of our mother because
    all she wants is the betterment of her child.

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