Megha H B Kothari : The Illuminating Journey of the Founder Of The Mystical Miracles

"I'm Megha Kothari, a transformational coach, a tarot card reader, and a spiritual healer. I've completed my B.A. in Sociology from the Mumbai University. Since my early childhood, I was aware of my gifts and powers. I started my journey in spiritual healing in 2014, and I never joined the career with a mindset to earn fame and money. Rather, I wanted to join this career because I wished that nobody should face the problems I faced personally and support the people who fight with such problems. I had gone through two unpleasant and painful experiences, and that's the reason why I thought of joining the field. In March 2017, my father came to know that he won't be living for long, and somewhere even I was aware of the same, but in a state of denial rest, my mother and brother weren't aware of it. Despite that, as a human being, I had that egoistic mindset that I'll save him and won't let anything happen to him. So I did whatever I could do to save him. I tried my best to heal him with my spiritual energies in combination with medical science treatment.

On his last day, he asked me to go out of my home, but I wasn't willing to leave him. I denied it, but since he requested me a lot, I decided to leave my home for some time. I did not wish to deny his request in such a condition, and I feel he knew that I would have done something to save him if I were there. So I went out of my house and started walking in the garden. During that time, I felt that my heartbeat was getting faster and faster. I was certain that something unfortunate would happen. I thought of going back home, but then I remembered that my father would get hyper if I get back home, which would affect his health, and so I finally decided not to go inside my home. But after some time, I got back home, and I came to know that my father is no more. Somewhere those negative instincts and energies which I had been experiencing proved right. I feel that my father knew that if I were there with him, I'd have saved him, and he didn't want that because he was experiencing so much pain every day that his emotional condition began getting weaker at a point. At that point, I forgot how to react to such a situation. I started feeling that I was solely the cause of my father's death because I had left him alone. If I were there with him, I might have saved him. It took me around six months to believe in myself and realize that it wasn't my fault and life and death are not in our hands. Due to that, even the doctors and spiritual healers surrender at a point and accept that they aren't Gods.

After my father passed away, it took a long time for my family to get stable. Gradually, everything got normal. But suddenly, my mother fell critically ill too. Once again, the six months became a life-and-death situation for her. But this time, I think it was her affection and concern for me that helped her recover fast from such a condition. Medical science had failed in helping my mom recover from that condition, but I strongly feel that the energies within me and my father's soul have helped me save her. My unique energies and these experiences helped me understand the power of love, and I accepted that it is impossible to control death. During my father's treatment, I visited the hospital regularly, and there I was able to feel many spirits in pain. It's tough for me to explain what I was feeling at that moment. My father's love helped me divert my attention from those spirits and focus only on my father. Those regular contacts with the good and evil energies helped me strengthen myself, and at present, these strengths help me deal with my client's problems by keeping mine aside. Before I joined the spiritual field, I worked with a startup in its marketing department. I had experienced another unpleasant experience in my life during that time. While I was working with the startup, I was in a relationship. My ex-boyfriend was quite possessive, and he didn't like it when I used to talk with other people. Due to that reason, the relationship was creating obstacles in my professional life. At one point, I felt that he was trying to cheat me.

In 2015, I forced him to speak out the truth, and I realized that my instincts were right. After this incident, I almost lost trust in everyone, but I recovered it from my parent's support. That experience taught me that whatever happens in my life, it is always connected to the future somehow. I believed that it was an alert from God and the energies within me, which stated that something worse would happen soon, and it happened where I lost my father after 1-2 years of my breakup. I guess this incident happened because God always wants every human being to prepare for the worst so that he/she can strengthen himself/herself and fight alone with the situation. This incident helped me understand the importance of self-love, and hence, I always try to learn and understand myself, which has helped me develop spiritual power. I have worked with more than 200 clients, and as per most spiritual healers, it's an achievement for them. Although in my opinion, it's not because I have gone through a lot of sad days,  and they are so painful that I don't even want my enemy to go through them. So, I feel happy whenever I help people with their problems, and somewhere that feeling naturally heals me. Therefore, helping people, supporting them in their hard times, and helping them recover is no less than an achievement. I was certain that people wouldn't believe in these unique energies in our society, so I already developed my mindset accordingly.  That helped me accept the strong rejections from society. Since my childhood, these energies are with me, so how can I deny them? The truth is always a truth, and no one can make it a lie.

I want to share a bit of personal advice to those students who want to make a career as a spiritual healer. My advice is that if you are coming to this field, try to keep your ego and beliefs aside and be open-minded because these are the things that will help you understand your client more deeply. Therefore, it will also help you support your client in a much better way. Never think that you know everything and what others say is always wrong because it will stop you from understanding your client. If someone wants to get started in this field, they can do a field internship with an experienced spiritual healer. It will help them understand the field in a better and more practical way. After that, they can decide which field is best for them. So first try everything, and then decide! My father is no more, but I know that he is protecting me from the evil energies, and he is doing his job like a good father. My parents are the only people who understood what I was going through and what I felt during my bad days. They supported me in trying my best to help everyone going through an unpleasant situation, whether it is a breakup, family problem, trust issue, low motivation, or anything that can negatively impact one's life. Whether it is through energies or just talking sweetly, I try every possible way to heal people's mental health."

"Some journeys of life are meant to be walked alone to unfold the inner power and strength within us."

I love you, Dad.


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