In The Hot Seat - Manish Singh, The Youngest Self-Made Millionaire Entrepreneur | Interview

We are again back with an inspiring interview for our popular series "In The HotSeat". This time IN SEARCH OF SMILE team has interviewed Manish Singh, one of India's youngest self-made Millionaire Entrepreneurs. He was featured in many well-known platforms such as Forbes India, Hindustan Times and etc. Without wasting any more time, let's get started with the interview.

1) Tell us something about your education and profession?

- I belong to Muzaffarpur city, Bihar, and completed my high-school education in my hometown. After that, I moved to Delhi to pursue my B. Tech in Computer Science, and now I am in my 4th year of B. Tech, and with that, I am running four companies under the ZZED Group of companies. 

2) What inspired you to make a career in digital marketing? Tell us the story behind this decision?

- Firstly, I never started Digital Marketing to earn money and fame and settle in life, but it was something which I was very passionate about as it allowed me to help people and budding startups. I started my journey by learning the art of social media marketing, and after that, I upgraded my skills and learned web and app development, PR, brand management.  I was very consistent in learning new skills, and I guess I managed every company department myself. Also, I am one of the lead promoters in the music industry for countries like the UK and US, and I have also worked with many well-known labels such as T-Series, OVO and, etc.

3) How to get our first client if we are running a digital marketing agency? What are the best ways to approach the clients? How to get started in the field of digital marketing?

- If you are aware of the client's problems and needs, you can offer them those services to help them solve those problems. Suppose you are approaching clients or target audiences through advertisements. In that case, you should ensure that whatever you have written in that advertisement must relate to the client's situation. If you do this, you can quickly get your first client. 

Suppose you are a beginner and don't have enough budget to run advertisements on online platforms to showcase your services. In that case, I'd suggest you go through some cold call options or DMs, and once you get experienced and know what marketing scripts you need to attract your audience that you can opt for email marketing. But personal messaging, in the beginning, will not only help you to learn the communication skill but also help you to understand the market and what clients are looking for, which will again help you to improve your services accordingly.

4) Online Internship vs. Online Paid Courses: What should one choose if he/she wants to make a career in digital entrepreneurship?

- These days, most of the paid courses available in the market are also available for free on the internet. If you were able to search about it correctly on the internet, you could easily find it. Once you start doing this independent research, then it will help you to understand the industry in-depth. So to do this independent research to learn about digital marketing, I'll suggest everyone find the right keyword (context). Once you find it, you can do some more research that will help you understand that keyword in deep, and you may come across one more keyword or context that you are not aware of, so the same process will go on. But theoretical learning is not everything. Once you learn these things, you need to apply them, so for this, you need to do some internships that will help you get practical knowledge of the industry. So, in my opinion, online courses and research will help you gain theoretical knowledge, but internships will help you achieve the practical knowledge required to survive in the industry. So I'll advise every budding entrepreneur to learn from free online resources in the beginning then go for online Internships to apply those learnings in the actual field.

5) Is it the right decision for a budding entrepreneur to be in a relationship with a girl? 

- Yes, because we get motivation from the opposite side. If I will tell my story, then there was a girl who influenced me for the turning points of my career. I was also in love with a girl. Initially, I was too much into her. Then I realized, life is not all about getting into love. To focus on studies and careers, we broke up. After that, I switched on to my work and earned dignity and respect from my work field.

Question - 6. How to get started with digital marketing?

- The first requirement to initiate digital marketing would be "context." First, you have to make a list concerning; what type of things and what type of services are available in the digital marketing space. Because digital marketing is a broad concept, some people do drop shipping, social media management, dealing with google ads, expertise on Facebook ads, sales finance, web designing, application development. As a digital entrepreneur, I do all these things, so I will suggest that you cover the topics as much as you can, and with that, try to deal with more clients because clients are the most critical factors here. If you are freely answered, you will get a lot of clients for minimal works. The main objective from that is your sound experience, and with that experience, you can enhance your business. You can add an appropriate marketing agency because of your knowledge of some particular expertise. After that, you can hire professionals for your business.

7) What are the hurdles you faced when you had merely started in the field of entrepreneurship? How did you overcome that?

-Actually, the biggest fear as an entrepreneur has the expected revenue as per me. Like in my age group, I have only one motivation like the more values I can provide to my clients. If I am working on their brand, I need to get him some investment return. If you are making some value for your client like they are earning with your marketing help, they want to pay you a lot. They can pay you tips also. That's the main thing. The most significant circumstance in such situations is the target audience for every day you set for yourself. If I am putting a target of like ten clients every day, I have to talk to at least ten clients every day and how much your conversion is like you are converting five clients to have the payment ready if you are converting one client to have the payments ready. So an ego builds after that that you can manage five clients a day, or you can deal with clients. So that's like if you continue this thing for ten days, you will have 50 more clients. So from those 50 clients, you get a lot of returning clients or revenue-based clients with everyday transactions. So it's an excellent thing. Suppose you are possessive with the revenue of your company and with the income of your own business. In that case, if there is anything less coming, then you realize that you had done some less work during that week and you need to make some more clients next week. This helps to boost in making some more clients and do some more hours of work. So that's the main thing. According to me, that is my only fear.

8) What message would you like to deliver to budding entrepreneurs? 

- I would say that they should work on their skills. Skill will make them go higher and higher. In the current scenario, if they know any subject, they should either be an expert at that or have more and more skills because more skills will make them more money. And they should never stop dreaming, as dreams always help you to go ahead.

We hope this interview with Manish Singh may inspire you to make a career as a digital entrepreneur. We would like to thanks Manish for his contribution to the "In The HotSeat" series.