Dhrutii Hemang Dedhia : A Spiritual Business Advisor and Tarot Card Reader | Interview

Recently, IN SEARCH OF SMILE presented an interview with an experienced tarot card reader, numerologist, and physic, Mrs. Dhrutii Hemang Dedhia. She has been practicing this art, withholding the experience of 10 years in this field. Along with tarot card reading, she is also well versed in numerology and past life regression. With her super intuitive power, Dhrutii solved many problems and guided issues like marriage, evil eye, career, family problems, property, life partners, business, etc. Mrs. Dhrutii was primarily known for her grip on tarot cards as well as influencing many lives. In this interview, you can find out about Dhrutii's story of becoming a tarot card reader as well as her overwhelming experience in this field.

This interview will present you with the facts and provide a clear vision of tarot cards. 

1. Tell us something about yourself?

- My name is Dhrutii Dedhia, and I am a spiritual business advisor. I am in this field for the past ten years. There are like few things that I've learned, such as tarot numerology, graphology, pendulum dowsing, angel card reading, and many more modalities. During the lockdown, I've known Vaastu also. I have been doing all these things for the past ten years. There are very few fundamental things that affect people's business or personal lives a lot. So, the reason I have started with this spiritual advisory thing. That's what I help people to grow their business spiritually, with the help of tarot, numero, energies, and various such healing modalities. The primary motto was to help them out. For example, suppose we observe visiting cards. In that case, we find many colours that are not favorable to many people, and not just for visiting cards, but also the colours are not favorable to them in general. So, that kind of thing I want to get in the knowledge of people. I deal purely with the scientific part. There is a certain logic behind all the things I do.

2. What hurdles did you face in your career as a spiritual business advisor in the early days of your career?

- People were not able to precisely understand what I am doing. So, that was the major obstacle for me. I had to educate them. Right now, if I tell you, you too won't be able to understand simple things. Like if I tell you about the logo and all those things. People have the logo and all that, but there is a meaning behind the logo also. So, people do not understand such things. Signatures are also something that people don't understand. There are few things like writing your name and writing your father's name or your husband's name. So, there is a reason behind it. They support you for it. Many times, people write their name, which means that they are giving importance only to themselves. Then there are few things where people are just not able to sign correctly. They sign in the wrong way, which is also a problem. Career-wise, you will be at a level at some point in your life, and then you have to start it from the first. There are scientific reasons behind it, and I want people to be aware of it. Still, people are not able to understand many of the things. The thing is, the simpler your signature, the simplest will be your life. The more curves and everything in your signature, the more curves and turns will be in your personal life as well.

Then writing the surname, surname means the first letter of the surname is female head member of the family, you get their support. By adding your father's initials or name, you get his support. So, that all things. Then colour combination is something people go for the fancy thing, but there are few colours which are not advisable they don't get along very well. A simple example, if we see Vaastu at the fireplace, they will say that water should not come there.

In the same way, at the water outlet, a fire should not come. So, the same way the colours are also there, fire and watercolor do not get very well. There are few things which are according to you, according to date of birth, etc. There are few non-favorable numbers, not compatible, which ultimately end up with the partnership and all that things. The basic funda was to get awareness to people of all these things.

3. How does society react to your profession? How to make a career in the field of spiritual business advisor? And From where should one will start if he/she choose such a field. Is any educational degree which is Necessary for the same?

- The career path, which a student should go for, can be determined with the help of tarot according to your date of birth, what will be nice for you in profession wise. You can choose accordingly. Few parents believe in tarot, but some students don't believe in tarot. There are several courses like astrology or western courses like tarot, numerology, etc. In tarot, you get the exact answer to the questions. You even get certificates for such courses. When I have learned, there were no such specific degrees. You don't need any degree to practice this profession, unlike other jobs where several degrees are mandatory. Nowadays, people pursue a Ph.D. degree in any of the courses, and after that, they practice the profession. In foreign countries, there are certified courses for these professions. Yes! As I told you, there is no something as such as a university or something or very minimum education you need for these things. You can start your career, or if you want to learn something, you can begin it from a very young age, and there is no age limit. Somewhere again, many people say he is God-gifted. You get to know past things and all that. So, that all counts. If you already have something in you.

4. Tell us about your success story and achievement? And are you working with any client abroad? 

- I work globally. I have clients from all over the world. For example, I have clients from Canada, Australia, Dubai, and the U.S. In these cases, I work online, video calling on Zoom, WhatsApp, etc. From my young age, I had some mighty intuition powers. Many times, I used to say see that would happen. Ten years back, I started my tarot card reading career, which is not something of Indian culture; instead, it is Western culture. So, I started with that. The more I got success down the line is three years back. I started my pages two years before, and during the lockdown, I began giving few tips and all that. So, people liked those things, and there were the things which were already at home, and you were doing it. Due to lockdown, they can't go out to get some things anyway.

5. As a spiritual business advisor, what piece of advice would you like to give to those who do not possess self-faith as they have failed many times?

- We often say in every field that you have to try and try till you succeed. If we see many examples like you know all this Ratan Tata, Amitabh Bachchan all people have failed. It is not that they have not failed. All have failed, but the thing is that after some attempts, you do get. Spiritual business advisor or spirituality is purely faith and belief. We say there is God, but we cannot see God. So, the same way, it is the same thing. Failure doesn't mean you are not capable. You need to change your mode or method which you are using. It will help if you change that. It is not that you are not learning anything; instead, you learn from your failures.

6. Can one make a full-time career as a spiritual business advisor? Can anyone become a spiritual business advisor, or is it something one has by birth?

- Anyone can become a  spiritual business advisor. As I said before told, some people are God-gifted by a few things. Everybody is gifted by something or the other kind of specialty in general. For example, we can say that we want to be like Sachin Tendulkar, but it is not a certainty that we will become like him. We will have our own identity, and yes, you can take that as a full-time profession. There is no problem with it. These are all like you can keep them as your role models, nothing else. If I tell you, the five fingers of your hand are not alike. Everybody is not of the same kind. Everybody has their respective things. We feel that this finger is not working, but whatever is on our body is working somehow. So it is that way. There is no compulsion that you cannot do it full time. You can do it.

7. What are your plans for the future? Where do you see yourself after 10 years? 

- I have seen people's mentality changing day by day. I want to bring a change. At least I would like to see myself right now where I am with the name, fame, etc. Within down the line of 5-10 years, I would like to see myself differently. As a celebrity, I would like to see that.

8. What message would you like to give to those who are willing to make a career as a  spiritual business advisor?

- Spiritual Advisor is something different where you talk only about spirituality and all. Everything is different. In the spiritual business advisory, I tell people that they are not paying attention to their mental health; instead, they pay more attention to their physical health. If your mental health is good, automatically, your physical health will develop. So, I would like to tell more and more people that they should pay attention to their mental health like to this time also if you tell people it is like you know You are going to a psychiatrist '. They will consider you mad, and they will say that you have some psychological problem, so you are visiting a psychiatrist. But it is not that.

It's been great to have a chat about the Tarot cards with Mrs. Dhrutii Dedhia. In this interview, we gained a lot of clarity about the science of Tarot Cards and Facts about Numerology. In Search Of Smile thanking Mrs. Dhrutii for being a part of this fantastic interview session.

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