The Paranormal Talks- Akshai Sthalekar, The Founder Of Indian Paranormal Team | Interview

As we began "The Paranormal Talks" series with the interview of Ankit Sharma, the paranormal investigator at the Indian paranormal team, we were equally curious as much as you to know about the man behind the Indian Paranormal Team, Akshai Sthalekar, founder of the Indian Paranormal Team. Let's move forward directly to the interview without any more holding back.


1. Tell us something about your profession and education?

- I completed my MBA in Australia. And I work as a financial consultant in the business development sector. And I also work in a multinational company. Paranormal Investigation is something that I do part-time.

2. What is the real motive behind opening such an organization that will work on paranormal cases?

- There is a lot of misinformation usually. People tend to watch movie shows and TV shows all the time, where they broadcast various kinds of things which are not true. They never happen paranormally as well. Because people like to watch these, the channels show these as true incidents. Since they have been misleading their audience, some investigators and researchers try to fake these solely to get the views. In this field, it has been about YouTube views and followers over the past few years. It's all about fame and recognition rather than knowing and researching about it. Most of these investigators go to places to investigate and always find something over there. Never will you hear the investigators say that they went there and found nothing. "This happened there, that happened there" because it has been broadcasted on the TV in that manner. So, there is a lot of misinformation everywhere, and we decided that these need to be stopped. Even now, we have started educating a lot more. We go on Instagram and Facebook. We did so once with the SSR case. Some people claimed that they had spoken to Sushant Singh after his death, and they used mobile phones. So people always believed that mobile phones were some ghost boxes. We have worked on ghost boxes, so we know about them and how they work. And since we know about that, we teach about that. We delivered that piece of information to people, educated them, and many of them understood. On the other hand, some of the YouTubers and people who had been misguiding people began abusing. They were there only for views, while we weren't there with that intention. Rather, we were there to educate, which was the main issue for them. Most of them are there for views and fame and not for research. We are present to deliver information without gaining anything. So if someone says that they spoke to Sushant using a gadget, we go there and tell the people that it's not possible scientifically because we don't have that kind of gadget that operates through sound or any other medium. Investigators such as Steve Huff used mobile phones and a ghost box to communicate. However, these tools are technically incapable of communicating with spirits. When we are educating people, we are not gaining money out of it. No one is paying us for debunking all that myth. It is a social service we are doing, and it has always been like this. So we want to serve the people and share information. We are similar to Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti, and like the anti-superstitious people, we try to keep an open mind. There are things that science cannot explain, and we are open to understanding and researching that. That's the only difference between the anti superstitions and us.

 3. Tell us about one of your creepiest or haunted experiences you ever had during an investigation?

- Till date, I have been on more than 200 investigations, and there were a lot of creepy instances that happened with us. However, we always say that all these energies are just humans without bodies. So they will give you a warning and tell you to go away just like humans, and if you don't listen to them, they will react to it. So we have had situations where we could feel that we are bothering the spirits. When we heard the knocking on the door, we asked if someone was there. We asked several other questions to the spirit, but we forgot to ask the main question, which was whether they want us to stay or move, and we continued with our investigation. After 5-6 interrogations, the spirit was possibly enraged, and the nano car where we were sitting started to shake massively as if someone was shaking it from outside, and we understood that they didn't want us to be there, and so we left.

4. After the death of Gaurav Tiwari, many people started assuming that the job of a paranormal investigator is very risky. So what do you think about it, considering the 200 investigations in which you were involved?

- I think that every job is risky in one way or other. Like, if you’re a pilot, you’ve got the risk of a crash. If you’re a naval ship captain, you do have a risk of drowning. Similarly, being a paranormal investigator, there is a risk of some physical harm by humans. Going to a place that is abandoned and used for wrong purposes by drug dealers. Something you have a risk of being attacked. Similarly, if you’re going into the forest, you’ve got a risk of running into or being attacked by the wild animals. But there is no risk from spirits at all. You are not at any risk from any sort of spirits. What will he do after killing you? Of course, I don’t believe that spirits can kill you, but let’s think about this hypothetically that he comes and kills you, and you become a spirit. How will be the spirit benefitted here? It would be of no use to him of turning you into a spirit. Yes, if you feel that they’re terrifying, leave the place. It’s just like communicating with humans. I think that similar to other jobs, this too has risk from humans, similar to the salesperson who goes from door to door has a risk of an accident.

5. According to Some popular TV shows, the places, and spots where people died due to some unnatural causes are haunted? What are your thoughts about this?

- There are many reasons for the energies being behind us. The unnatural death is one. If death occurs due to an unnatural cause, there is a probability that something haunted will be thriving there. They can move as they are not bound. If they are there, they can move anywhere and ask for help. So there is nothing wrong with that. After the spirit comes out of the body, it feels an attachment, as it had been with the body for so many years, and it feels that it should be given its last rights. So in case of unnatural deaths, if the body is not noticed by anyone or not given its last rights, then there is a probability for the spirit to be present around the body. Apart from that, there can be no other spirits.

6. As you’re going through paranormal investigations, how are you able to get rid of the negative energy psychologically?

- The mental element is the key to all your psychological thoughts. Generally, humans are scared of those things which are unknown to them. Fear of unknown fact is always within our minds. If we control the boundary of fear of us, then nothing can make us afraid.

We hope this interview has accomplished your curiosity with the persuading answers of Akshai Sthalekar. His motives and story are really interesting and inspiring. We are fortunate to have a chance to Interview such a noble person. We especially thank Akshai Sthalekar, the Founder of the Indian Paranormal Team, for sharing his story as a contribution to our " The Paranormal Talks" series by IN SEARCH OF SMILE. We would like to thank the Indian Paranormal Team for supporting this series. 

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