The Paranormal Talks - Meghna Porwal, A Paranormal Investigator, and Indian Paranormal Society Member | Interview

In the second interview of our new series "The Paranormal Talks", we have interviewed Meghna Porwal, who is a paranormal investigator at Indian Paranormal Society, and a full-time content manager at an exhibition company. So without any further ado, let's get straight to the interview.

1. Tell us something about your education and profession?

- I am a graduate of Political Science, which was something I was not willing to do. 

Professionally, I work as a paranormal investigator at the Indian Paranormal Society. Besides, I work as a Content Manager for an exhibition company, where I write for their magazine.

2. In your first investigation in the paranormal location, how did you manage to control your fear?

- Firstly, I had my team with me, and as per the protocols, we do not go for investigations alone. So, I wasn't in fear. We are anxious, as we have no idea of what was is going to happen with us and what is happening there at the location. Fear is something that we need to overcome when we go for such investigations. We need to have an open mind. Fear acts as an obstruction in our way of investigation. No matter which location we go to, we experience anxiety within, as we have no idea of what to expect there. Paranormal investigation in India is different as compared to other countries, as unlike foreign countries, we do not have multiple teams going to a location and investigating a location and we do not have details of the activity that they experienced.  Unlike here, paranormal investigators around the world are already aware of the pieces of experiences that they could potentially come across. In India, that's not the case. We are entirely dependent on the experiences of our clients. Therefore, we do not let fear come in our way, as there is a belief that if the energy is strong there, they feed on your fear. So, we need to have a strong determination when we go for paranormal investigations. We don't let our anxieties take the form of fear, as we need to ensure that our clients are comfortable living in their homes. Because if we are scared, we won't be able to help them and the energies at the location. We need to help both the living as well as the dead. Therefore, we can never let fear come into our path

3. Have you ever experienced any creepy or haunted things during an investigation? If yes, share your experience with us.

- I have experienced a haunted moment during an investigation. It took place in a residential area in Mumbai. When we went there, we immediately began experiencing such things. That house was very active. The cameras were falling over, doors were getting locked, the pieces of equipment were malfunctioning. We could see shadows around us.

Even before we could go for the investigation, my team member and I started feeling uncomfortable. We were experiencing a lot of nervousness and anxiousness, and when we reached the location, all those emotions, which we had been experiencing were hyped up. We were in a room performing a session, and the door locked on us. We could not get out from there, we were unable to open the door from inside. Another team member helped us by opening the door from outside. Also, while we were setting up our cameras, the entire CCTV fell from its place, and it just missed one of our team members from hitting on his head. 

Once we reached home in the morning, we did not realize what was happening at that point. I realized that whatever had happened there at the location had followed me home only after we analyzed, checked the recorded footage. I called up my teammate and narrated the entire incident of what was happening to me. I even narrated the same to Gaurav Tiwari (CEO & Founder of Indian Paranormal Society), and he suggested what we needed to do. He also helped me in getting rid of all the attachments that were there with me. So, this was one incident that was a haunted one. It was even experienced by my teammates when they reached home. This incident freaked us out and has stayed with us for quite some time now.

4. In some popular TV shows, it is shown that black magic can be used to harm anyone. According to you, how true is it?

- We haven't come across or dealt with any case of black magic till date.  But, at the same time, it is not like that it doesn't exist. Gaurav used to say that it will work only if we allow it. If you possess qualities like strong determination, a positive attitude towards life, self-confidence, self-love, etc., nothing can harm you. They will be able to harm you only if you are weak and you don't believe in yourself.  Psychologically, if we will allow something to overcome us, it will be affecting us in reality.

Therefore, if you don't allow yourselves to believe in any sort of black magic and dirty tricks and keep your belief system and religious ideas strong, nothing can ever harm you at all. If you are not aware if someone has done something to you, then nothing will affect you. But if a negative thought that someone is playing tricks on you fiddles around your head, it will start playing with your mind and eventually, will start affecting you.

5. Does your job as a paranormal investigator affect you psychologically?

- Yes, sometimes it does. Anything that we do in our life affects us some way or the other, especially psychologically. So when I'm talking about living beings, it's a living person, and you can approach that person and deal with that. But when you're dealing with something unknown, which you cannot see or hear, it becomes a little difficult. But that's what we try and do. We try not to get too involved in this because if you get too intense into anything, especially things related to this, which are unknown to anyone, it can sometimes impact the way we see things. When we go too deep into these, there is no balance in our life. We start seeing things in that way itself. Everything becomes paranormal to us, and we start thinking in those terms. There is no logic left. We try and balance it out. We always have to find a balance between the paranormal and the normal. To do that, once we come back from any investigation, we try not to think about it too much, we do a self-cleansing, we release ourselves from all that energy which we had collected from that place. We try doing other stuff to divert our subconscious from that and to make our spirit lighter. We go out entertaining ourselves, do some activity, and that's how we strike the balance. We try not to allow it to affect us or our family because if it is affecting us, it will be affecting our family also, which we don't want. So we have to be extremely cautious and make sure it doesn't affect us in whatever way. So the bottom line is to strike an equilibrium.

6. What motivated you to join this paranormal field professionally?

- I always believed in spirits, souls, and all those stuff from the very beginning. I used to watch a lot of shows that come on that television. I have seen Gaurav on MTV Girls Night Out and various shows, but that was not when I decided to get into this field. After losing my father, I had seen him as a spirit for the first time and that’s when I decided to get into all this. I contacted the Indian Paranormal Society, and I told them that I was interested and wanted to learn about them. At that time, I told Gaurav about my experiences. He was more than happy to take me on board. In that way, I got into all this. It has been almost 5-6 years now. It changed the way you see things. It changes the way you see or live your life. It changes everything that you think. You watch ghost shows, horror movies, paranormal shows, and think that you know everything by watching those shows. But when you sit and get into all this and get into the details of it, you realize that you know even less than half of it. Not everything that is shown on television is true. It is very important to understand the paranormal before getting into this. There are a lot of people out there who think they know everything, which is not at all true. Although we had been in this field for a long time, we are not aware of everything. There are so many unanswered questions. So, we are continuously learning. Every day investigation is a new experience and a new challenge for us. It makes you learn something new. There is something new we are always taking from there.

My motivation to get into this field is to learn about it more and help people and the spirits. In our country, we do not talk all about this. For us, the subject, it is like a taboo. When you say that you can see and feel these things, people consider you mad as they consider these things imaginary, although they are not. That is what we prove. If you experience such things, and you feel that you cannot share with anyone else, we are the ones who will be helping you. We will believe in you because we have experienced it happening with ourselves.

So, my biggest motivation to get into this field was not just to help myself and my family. I wanted to help others, understand paranormal and educate others. That is what Gaurav taught us. It is not just about helping the living but also the dead. They require help too. As much as you require, they require it similarly. It is not just my motivation, rather it is the motivation of our entire team. And that’s how we go to every new place, it pushes us to take the next step, and keeps us motivated and sometimes push the boundaries.

We hope that this interview with Meghna Porwal has helped you understand the reality behind paranormal incidents and has been able to differentiate between the legitimate incidents and the reeled ones. We would like to thank her from the core of our hearts, for her contribution to "The Paranormal Talks" series by IN SEARCH OF SMILE. We would also like to thank Indian Paranormal Society for supporting this series. Comment below your views and share with those who are interested in paranormal phenomena.


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