The Paranormal Talks - Ankit Sharma, A Paranormal Investigator, and Certified Demonologist | Interview

We are finally starting our new series, "The Paranormal Talks", where we will be interviewing India's top paranormal investigators. This series will try to bust the myth and reveal the reality behind the paranormal activities happening all over India. It will also enable us to understand the extent to which the various Indian TV shows based on paranormal incidents are true.  Ankit Sharma is a paranormal investigator, psychic development trainer, and tarot card reader who is currently working in the spiritual department of the Indian Paranormal Team. So without wasting any more time let's start the interview.

1. Interviewer: Tell us something about your education and profession? 

Ankit: "I completed my engineering at Maharastra Institute of Technology under Pune University (presently transformed to MIT World Peace University, Pune). I have a work experience of 1.5 years at Yokohama - off-Highway tires as a senior engineer in Utility and Energy Conservation. Besides, I am a part of the India Paranormal Team as a Paranormal Investigator & Spiritual Department Lead."

2. Interviewer: In your first investigation in the paranormal location, how did you manage to control your fear?

Ankit: "Fear is an important factor that plays a vital role in everyone's life. It stops you from doing something unfamiliar or new. But after a particular point, you have to experience & overcome it. Since my childhood, I also had that fear of the unknown. I was also a bit more energy-sensitive compared to the other children. I could easily feel the energies and vibes around me. Due to this reason, I was always curious to know about paranormal and supernatural mysteries. So I entered into the field of paranormal science and started my research in it. So I can humorously say that curiosity killed the cat, my curiosity and training in IPT (Indian Paranormal Team) specifically. I would like to mention guidance from Mr. Akshai Sthalekar (Founder President of IPT) has helped me extensively to overcome my fear."

3. Interviewer: Do you have ever experienced any creepy or haunted things during an investigation? If yes, please share your experience with us.

Ankit: "I had several creepy experiences throughout my researches & investigations in the Indian Paranormal Team. One of them was experienced by me in a factory which was located in the middle of the city. We were called on for an overnight investigation. There was no one in the factory since it was closed before our investigation started. We were looking at various parts of the factory, from our control room, where we had the live camera visuals from the cameras placed in several areas of the factory. Since I was comparatively more energy sensitive than the other members of my team, I was asked to move around the factory and try to feel the energy. After some time, my co-investigator called me and said that he noticed something suspicious. He spotted someone in the camera visuals, although there has to be nobody except the team members in specific team uniforms. He asked me to look for the person in the part where he was able to see him. I then entered the area and reported via our comms that I am not able to register anyone. But he was still able to see someone right in front of me in front of the camera which was beyond normal (something being seen on camera but not on-site). We continued our investigation. The incident left me a bit shocked as well as excited. Later on, both of us went to the control room and witnessed some shadows passing in front of the camera. He asked me to check if anything was there while he went to fetch the gadgets. I went out and found nothing but felt only a cold breeze there. It seemed strange to me, as the unit where I was in the factory was closed from all sides, so there were no ways a breeze could enter that area. It was an amazing paranormal experience. We had also experienced various paranormal incidents later on there. Along with several shadows throughout the night which we recorded, we also got several paranormal gadgets manipulation (The IR sensor went on out of nowhere after asking specific questions, disembodied sounds, etc.) That was one of the amazing experiences during a paranormal investigation, which was quite adventurous for me."

4. Interviewer: According to some popular TV shows, the Burari Case is purely paranormal. What are your thoughts on this?

Ankit: "The media came up with the Burari Case. Several TV shows broadcasted the same. We did not conduct any researches at the property. But as per our background researches, the literature researches, as well as research documentation by other teams and officials of that incident, we concluded that it was psychological. We claimed that spirits cannot assassinate a person. There are various reasons for that. Firstly, it is difficult for a spirit to acquire that high energy because it does not have a physical body as we humans do. As per our research, it is just energy. It uses telekinesis and psychokinesis (verified researches by IPT) to move an object. Even if a spirit manages to assassinate a person (a hypothetical consideration), that won’t serve any fruitful purpose, because the person would become another spirit, and that won't serve any benefit to the spirit. So, we believe that there is no way a spirit can (or will) assassinate a person. On the contrary, psychology plays a vital role. Many people commit suicide due to psychological issues. They sometimes even become serial killers due to that. So, we along with the paranormal community (with verified supportive research) purely believe that the Burari Case was a psychological case rather than a paranormal one"

5. Interviewer: Does your job as a paranormal investigator affect you psychologically?

Ankit: "As investigators, we have good control over our fears thanks to the regular training sessions in IPT. Also, we train ourselves to be open to the various energies in the paranormal. So, it does not impact our psychology much. Rather, we treat most of them like “humans without a body”. So, you are just talking to a human but with no physical features. Therefore, it does not affect our psychology at all. We follow this as well as many other techniques which are also followed globally by people in this field and community."

6. Interviewer: What motivated you to join this paranormal field professionally?

Ankit: "I was a bit sensitive towards such energies since my childhood. I even used to feel various vibes around me. So, since I was comparatively more energy sensitive, I had this question fiddling around in my mind that why I’m the only one who is experiencing all these incidences and why not others. Both my parents being from scientific fields didn't believe in such stuff, rater I would say they still don't and I was also advised to ignore such feelings. Initially, I ignored a lot, but later on, I was bothered a lot, especially when I was used to concentrate on stuff. So curiosity took over me & I started venturing, asking people on social media, which was pretty new at that time, as compared to now. In this way, I came across Indian Paranormal Team (IPT). Then I had already entered my 1st year of Engineering in the mechanical field at MIT, Pune. Mr. Akshai Sthalekar, who is the founder President of IPT, also was in Pune during those days (even presently he is). I happened to approach him and I managed to set up a meet with him. That meet marked to be one of the biggest changes in my life. He enlightened me much more about whatever was happening with me as well as the Paranormal world. I learned a lot about various such opportunities I got from him. After a year of learning from him on various occasions, I got an opportunity to be included in their team on 9th June 2016 (which is the biggest birthday gift of my life so far) in the spiritual department as a psychic and energy-sensitive personality. So, this was the start of my journey in the paranormal world, later on, I acquired various skills in IPT, with the support of all members of IPT and of course Mr. Akshai,s guidance, I have attained the knowledge & a respectable position in the paranormal community, all credit goes to Indian Paranormal Team as a whole and Special Credits to Mr. Akshai Sthalekar. These are my motivations to continue my research in the field and learn more as well as enlighten others, as rightly the slogan of IPT is, "Stimulating Souls"."

We hope that this interview with Ankit Sharma has helped you understand the reality behind paranormal incidents and has been able to differentiate between the legitimate incidents and the reeled ones. We would like to thank Ankit Sharma from the core of our hearts, for his contribution to "The Paranormal Talks" series by IN SEARCH OF SMILE. We would also like to thank  Indian Paranormal Team for supporting this series. Comment below your views and share with those who are interested in paranormal phenomena. 


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