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Just yesterday, I gifted my mom a spice box. I had never thought of ordering this, because I was never a fan of handicraft products. One day, mom asked me, "do you know what makes the handicraft products so expensive?" I said, "yes, their quality." After hearing this, my mom replied, "no! you can also get the same thing in low price if you order it from the company which makes such handicrafts using the advance machinery. After hearing to this, I said, "then why handicrafts are so much expensive?" 

My mom replied, "because they are the result of the hard work of artisans, and the people who are indulged in this kind of small businesses are usually very poor, but their god gifted talent to create and manufacture some beautiful things is extraordinary. These few lines taught me a lot. We don't require money to reward these people, we just have to appreciate them by buying their products.

This message by my mom motivated me to gift her a handicraft product, but I was confused that where I can find the finest handicraft product. After reading some reviews, I found that ExclusiveLane is among  one of the website which collaborates with artisans and help them to sell their handicrafts online. I ordered a spice box because I found that my mom uses random boxes to store spices. We can buy handicrafts made by artisans so that everyday we can praise their work. 

In my opinion, ExclusiveLane is really doing a good job and the best thing is that they are helping the poor artisans. Quality of the spice box is great because it is made up of pure wood. We must encourage such people for their work as well as for the development of our country. Vocal for local is the best mantra we can rely on.

 A big thanks to ExclusiveLane for giving me a chance to share my story. 

Opinion: I personally liked the packaging of the product ( Spice box) .

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