In The Hot Seat - D3, An Inspiring Rapper From Delhi | Interview

In today's post, I will be sharing the 12th interview of the "In The HotSeat" series. This time we interviewed Dhruv, also known as D3, who is a rapper, and also a doctor. He has collaborated with some talented and famous artists like Abazz and many such artists. Recently one of his songs "Tum Mile", in which he collaborated with Abazz received over 6 lakhs views on YouTube. So without wasting any more time let's start the interview.

1) Tell us something about your education and profession?

- I have done MBBS. I am a rapper and doctor by profession.


2) What inspired you to make a career as a rapper?

- I always had a deep love for music. During my graduation, whenever I would come to my home during vacations, I would go to any small studio, record my songs, and would upload them. I always wanted to make my songs. For me, music is magical, and it is that one thing that bears a lot of significance in my life. I had made up my mind that I wanted to make my music and show it to people across the globe. Also, it had a significant role in my life, as whenever you are low, and when you need courage, music does help. I used to listen to a countless number of songs in my college, then I started with mix and continued to DJ, while I used to live in a hostel.

3) What is your journey from Dhruv to D3?

- When I was in my college days, I used to be a DJ. Hence, people had a different perspective of seeing me that way. Gradually people started calling me Dhruv and 3D because Dhruv is my name, I was a Doctor and also a DJ, so that is how it became 3D. Once, when I recorded a song, I was asked to name it, and 3D sounded a bit weird, but D3 sounded short, simple, cool, and the way DJs put their names.


4) How can a person who wishes to start rapping can pursue it?

- If someone wishes to start rapping, you need to be interested in it. When I started rapping, I was strongly connected with songs. I had a 2 TB hard disk filled with songs. I used to listen to music to such an extent that once, I started singing songs at a random place, in one breath, and I believed that I could do it, and then, I was easily able to mix and recognize beats. Music is a thing, which if you like it, you can be attracted to it, and you feel that you have a deep connection. I made a song in my college days "Koi Gal Ni", which was just a statement I repeatedly used to say, and later I just added hooks to it, and it was ready as a song in one go. From there, I started developing a connection with mike.

5) How to approach brands and labels?

- I am not signed under any label. I currently have a team, with whom I release music. My team is responsible for making, mixing, and mastering music. Artists like Honey Singh grew up in a similar manner, where Badshah, Raftaar and he, used to work together. Labels are responsible solely for marketing and promotion. So, they are not that responsible for the creation of the music. They solely cannot make you an artist. They would not make you that famous. Rather, it is your hard work which will be responsible for the same. Labels are necessary to an artist in India because we cannot be dependent upon my parents forever. For me, they are not that necessary because I have a stable job besides rapping. Currently, my primary focus is to release quality songs for my audience. Labels are necessary for those who have a single career. For me, that is not the case because I have a team that is performing such tasks. Labels are necessary, only for marketing, promotion, etc.


6) What message would you love to give to the budding rappers and your fans?

- I would ask the fans to keep believing in me and staying connected because D3 has just begun the journey, and he still has several miles to cover. Currently, I do not have any such message for them because I am not a full-time artist yet. I will be sharing a message on the day when I will be one. Right now, I have not been able to match the pace, as compared to other artists, because I am managing and monitoring a lot of things myself. But I am trying my best to catch up. By 2021, my pace will increase by a huge margin, as I am setting up myself that will improve a lot of things. Rest if my fans desire, we all will grow a lot together. If they continue staying connected with me, then we will do wonders.

I hope this interview with D3 has inspired you to build a career in the music industry. I would like to thank Dhruv Sir for his valuable contribution to the "In The HotSeat" series. If you like this series, then please share this post with your friends & family. That would be highly appreciated.


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  1. Interesting interview session from D3.
    To my ears, the rapper from India sounds unique because of his distinct Indian accent. This access cannot be removed and becomes a difference with the vocals of rappers from western countries.

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