In The Hot Seat - Aditya Goela, A Famous Investor and Marathon Runner | Interview

In this post, we will be sharing the 14th interview of our popular series, "In The HotSeat". This time we have interviewed Mr. Aditya Goela, a famous investor, stock trader, and marathon runner. He is also the co-founder of the Goela School of Finance and one of the personalities, who was featured in the Forbes magazine. So, without any further ado, let's dive into the interview.

1) Tell us something about your education and profession.

- My schooling has been from DPS Noida. After that, I decided that there was no point in going to college because it was clear that the stock market was my path ahead and in such a case, no bachelor's degrees or undergraduate degree would have helped, so I decided to get correspondence graduation. I went to a college for B Com from Delhi University. After that, I went to CA.

Profession wise, I always wanted to be in the stock market but was not sure how to go about it. In my 12th grade, I was slightly inclined towards investment. Slowly after my 1st year, I started realizing actual opportunities in the stock market and saw that this profession also made for a comfortable life. It is giving money to the best CEOs out there, and then the money for them is made by us. This fascinated me, and gradually, I began with trading and investment. I got success in the field, and then we started with Goela School of Finance.

2) What inspired you to make a career in the stock market?

- Ultimately it was the fact that I thought I can change the world initially, but that was not possible. I thought why not give my money to Mark Zukerberg or Mukesh Ambani, who are the top genius people in the world, and would be managing the company, the way it should be done and get brilliant results. This showed that the stock market was the perfect career place for me.

3) Who has inspired you the most?

- I was an Eminem fan. In fact, during my school and college times, I used to listen to his songs a lot. I would like to give a little credit to him, for me, clearing my CFA degree on my first attempt. According to my views, the reason behind it is his movie, 8 mile. That movie showed the state of Eminem, how he began, the problems he had experienced, how he went through them, etc. I would state that the movie had helped me a lot, and because of it, I used to listen to his songs a lot whenever I felt low. Exactly a month and a half before the CSA examination, I used to be completely broken, and this used to happen to me every time because you are overwhelmed to do a lot. During those scenarios, I used to listen to his songs, go through the lyrics, and try to experience his intense feelings, which used to be linked with it. That used to motivate me by a great margin. That made me feel that if he can do so great despite his problems, why can’t I do the same by putting in all my efforts. Therefore, I would state that Eminem is my inspiration.

4) Is it right to drop out of college to make a career in the stock market?

- I guess it is fine if a person wishes to be a dropout. But what I feel that, initially, besides the stock market, you have to earn money using other skills. Gradually, when you have a decent amount and you start trading, you can fully shift to the stock market. You can also take up some other job, which can monetize your skills, and enable you to learn the stock market so that you get to the path of the stock market faster because if you begin with a small amount, it might take a little extra time. So, if you work from the beginning, till the time you are almost 25-26 years of age, and improve your skills, through some other means, it will give you a huge boost in my opinion. The stock market is undoubtedly a great field, but anyone willing to pursue a career in it needs to be clear. Also, I would like to add that I did very well in the past few years, because of which I was supported by my family massively, which was a critical thing. In case you are not supported by your parents, you need to talk to them and explain them properly because if they are against it, and they constantly ask you to quit that path and go for a job, it might get difficult. Dropping out of college and pursuing the stock market is not an easy path, from society’s perspective. But at the same time, he should not do it secretly, without the knowledge of his parents.

5) Tell me something about your greatest achievements.

- One of my hardest achievements was marathon running because I wanted to do something, everyone was not capable of doing. There was stock marketing as well besides it. In stock marketing, Harsh and I were together, and we used to take things well. We always used to support each other, and go ahead, so it was comparatively easier. But for the marathon running, it was hard to get through that 42 kilometers on my feet, which included straight running for four hours and a half. There I had to walk for less than two minutes. I am proud of whatever I have done, and I plan to continue this path for my fitness.

6) Which one matters the most, talent or hard work?

If a person is talented but not hardworking, he will be doing very well in the beginning, but gradually he will start phasing out. But a person who is not talented but hardworking will be experiencing great difficulty in the beginning. But if he continues with his hard work, then surely he will be better than the former. But obviously, the best combination is that of talent and hard work.

7) What message would you like to give to those who want to build a career in the stock market?

- I would suggest people who are willing to build a career in the stock market to stay connected with it, and not quit it if it seems like it is not working out in the first instance. He may work for some alternate careers in such a situation, but he should not break the linkage. Hurdles will be experienced by them quite undoubtedly, but he should not give up solely because of those hurdles, else at the end, everything will seem to be a waste of time to him.

With this, we wrap our last interview of the year 2020. Hearty gratitude to Aditya Sir, for his valuable contribution to our popular series, "In The HotSeat". Please like, comment and share. Also, thanks to all those who had been supporting us, throughout the year, and best wishes for the new year, from the In Search Of Smile team.