In The Hot Seat - Sajan Prakash, An Indian Swimmer | Olympian | Interview

In today's post, I am sharing the interview of Sajan Prakash who is a swimmer and represented India at the International level. This post is a part of "In The HotSeat" series and it's the 8th interview of this series. Let's start the interview,

1) Tell us about your education and profession?

- I am a BCA graduate. I work as an inspector in Kerala Police. Currently, I am representing India at the International level. 

2) What motivated you to make a career in sports? What's the story behind this decision?

- I started doing swimming at a very young age. When I was 17yrs old I found that I am doing very good progress in it that's why I thought to make a full-time career in this. I left my hometown that is Neyveli, Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu to move to Bangalore in the year 2011 and after that, I started my training under the guidance of S Pradeep Kumar. So in the year 2011 only I finally decided to take up swimming as a full-time career.

3) What challenges you faced when you decided that you will take sports as a full-time career? How you overcame those challenges?

- The first problem that I faced was funding and if someone is thinking to make a career in sports particularly in swimming then one must have good financial support. When I started swimming as a full-time career at that time I was working in Railways with a salary of around Rs.17,000 so with this much salary it's very difficult to progress in sports like swimming but still, my Mom helped me to overcome this. My mom took care of my diet and everything and motivated me to fight with those hard times.

4) How one can make a full-time career in sports ( Swimming )?

-Nowadays many Private companies are investing in sports. These days it's become easier to do progress in sports compare to the past years. So just complete your education and after that, you can start training in whatever sports you like and with the time you will get your reward according to your progress. Sports can also help you to get a better job in a government organization. 

5) How you keep yourself motivated?

- I always believe that one day my hard work will definitely give me a good return and yes that is also happening. I never give up at any point.

6) Tell us about your achievements?

- Participated in 2016 rio Olympics and 2014 & 2018 Asian and CWG.

- 10th position at the 2018 final world championship.

- Won gold medals in 100m butterfly, 200m butterfly, 400m freestyle, 800m freestyle, 1500m freestyle, and 4x100m freestyle relay categories, at the 35th India National Games, held in Kerala in the year 2015.  

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7) If someone is interested in sports but his/her parents not allowing him to make a career in that so what advice do you like to give to those parents?

- I believe that making a career in sports is challenging but when the risk is more the return is also very high and good so if your child is very serious and you feel that he is working very hard then you should give him at least one chance to prove himself. Nowadays private and government organizations are investing a lot in sports compare to the past years.  

Thanks, Sajan Prakash bro for contributing to the "In The HotSeat" series. I hope our series is helping you guys to move towards a creative career and if your answer is yes let me know that in the comment section. Click here if you want to check out the old interviews of this series.


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