In The Hot Seat - Anirban Blah, A True Food Explorer | Interview

In our popular series "In The HotSeat", we bring you another inspiring interview with Mr. Anirban Blah, a part-time food blogger and an investor, who invests in the food business. Let's hear about him in his own words.

1) Tell us something about your education and profession?

-I studied literature at Delhi University. Then after building and selling a bunch of companies in entertainment, I retired, and now, I mainly advise and invest in companies as well as food businesses I believe.

2) How did you start with food blogging? What is the story behind joining this career?

-I am not a full-time food blogger. But as someone who has traveled across the world for food and helped several chefs to build some of the leading restaurants in the country, I found that people started asking me for my opinions and feedback. That’s why I started writing about it.

3) Which camera you use for photography?

-I use only an iPhone X.

4) How do you earn from this career (food blogging)?

-I don’t charge anything because this isn’t a profession for me.

5) Do you have any experience which makes you feel that you are the luckiest and happiest person in the world?

-When a leading chef creates a meal, especially for me, and takes the time to share details of their life, journey, and inspiration, it brings me great joy.

6)Tell us something about your best achievements?

-Helping talented chefs achieve their dreams is the greatest success of all.

7) Is full-time food blogging a good career option from an earning perspective?

-No, I don’t think so. It’s not a full-time job unless combined with some sort of consulting or events.

8) Which platform is best for starting food blogging (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Blogger, etc.)? How to increase organic likes and followers on Instagram?

-Today most people are found first on Instagram or YouTube.

9) What message or tips you like to give to the budding food bloggers, travelers, and readers of this post?

-If the motivation is to get free food and discounts, please don’t try this as a career. To do well, you need to invest time, money, energy, and effort. You need to ask lots of questions and listen and learn. You need to eat a lot of different things and travel to have exposure. Sitting in a city and eating in a city or a region isn’t enough.

I hope this interview with Anirban Blah has inspired you to build a career in the food industry. I would also like to thank Anirban Sir for his contribution to the "In The HotSeat" series. If you like this series then please share this post with your friends & family. 


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