In The Hot Seat - Vir Nakai, An Inspiring Indian Motorcyclist And Photographer | Interview

In today's post, I am sharing the interview of Vir Nakai who is a full-time motorcyclist and travel blogger. Vir Nakai is also the founder of "Helmet Stories" which is an adventure travel company. This interview is a part of "In The HotSeat" series,

Interviewer: 1.Tell us about your education and profession?

Well I made it out of high school and into college by the skin of my teeth and did a BA in Psychology, Economics and English. Professionally now I run Adventure Motorcycle tours, create content on my motorcycles and just started cold brewing coffee in Chandigarh. 
Interviewer: 2.  What are your key areas of photography street/weeding/lifestyle/commercial ?

 I have no key area in photography what interests me I shoot. What doesn’t I don’t it’s simple really. 

Interviewer: 3. How did you earn from this profession?
 I earn money lol. I provide the service when I run tours and people pay me for my time same way you would in any job. Time = Money

Interviewer: 4. Which camera or phone you use for photography? Which app you use for editing pictures?

I use a multiple set up of cameras. Being a GoPro family member in India I use many many many GoPros and always am lucky to be stocked with the newest of cameras. I also carry my iPhone and my Sony A6300 all the time when out for an adventure. And where I can I have a drone as well for the Ariel perspectives. I edit on Lightroom on my phone mostly.
Interviewer: 5. Do you think one can make career in full time travel blogging ? Or can be a full time motorcyclist?

 Yea you can I mean gotta work hard at it but you could. 

Interviewer: 6.   How did you start with photography? What is the story behind choosing this profession?

I grew up in a family where there has always been a camera at hand to capture a moment. We have huge amounts of pictures and negatives that span my life. So a camera is something that all of us have at Least one(If not 3). Photography is not a profession it’s a bi- product of my travels and experiences.
Interviewer: 7.  What message or tips do you like to give to budding photo bloggers , motorcyclist and readers of this post?

 Keep riding, keep shooting and keep blogging. Do what you know and stop worrying about what other people are doing or know. Worry about your skill and the more you work at it good things will happen. But don’t live in a bubble look and see what people are doing all over the world because there are lots of cool people doing lots of cool shit.

Thanks, Vir Nakai Sir for contributing to the "In the HotSeat" series. I hope this series is helping you guys to move towards a creative career and if your answer is yes let me know in the comment section. Click here if you want to check out the old interview of this series.

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