In The Hot Seat - Sharon Serene, An Inspiring Travel Photographer | Interview

In this post, I'll share the interview of Sharon Serene who is a travel photographer and model. This interview is a part of our most inspiring series called "In The HotSeat". Without wasting any more time, let's start the interview,

1) Tell us about your education and profession?

 I'm a B.Com graduate. I've had a varied professional life. I went on to become a flight attendant for 3 years, working, traveling and exploring places and also knowing myself as a person. Then I quit and pursued my MBA. Currently jobless but my memory is full of many stories to tell! 

2) What are your key areas of photography lifestyle/Street/wedding/Commercial?

 Mostly travel and portrait photography. I'm currently not pursuing this as a career but I capture whatever looks pleasing to the eyes. I look to be in front of the camera too many times!

 3) Are you a full time traveler?

 I am what I call a "travel when I can" traveller. I wish I was a full time traveler! Unfortunately not yet, but hopefully someday soon! Fingers crossed! 

4) Which camera or phone you use for photography? Which app you use for editing pictures?

 I use my Iphone 11 most of the time because  a phone is just easily accessible at the moment! I also love clicking with my Gopro Hero 5, that's been with me for almost 3 years now. 

5) Tell us about your achievements?

 I think the one thing that I've truly achieved is to find myself, my likes, dislikes, passions and most importantly, what makes me happy! For me achievements can never be materialistic or in the form of a job or an award. I have yet to achieve a lot of those things in life though!

 6) Do you think one can make career in full time travel blogging? 

Yes ofcourse! If this is their passion and they go after it whole  they can definitely be successful! 

7) Why do you travel ( for money or passion)? 

Travel is purely my passion. I do it because I love it! I've had trips where I have not once removed my phone to click a picture and just enjoyed the moment. Also, traveling for money is such a misconception. Travel bloggers travel solely for themselves but get paid to project it online through posts or videos. Nobody to this date travels for money!

 8) What message or tips do you like to give to budding photo bloggers , travelers and readers of this post?

 Don't be afraid to be who you truly are, even in your online presence. Don't try to mimic someone else's editing style or frame or anything for that matter. Bring something unique to your audience! If what you're blogging about/ posting, already exists online, why would people look at your content when there are already famous people doing the same thing?

I hope this interview with Sharon Serene may inspired you to make a career in travel blogging. If you like this interview than give us your feedback in the comment section. Click here to check out the old interview of this series.


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