In The Hot Seat - Martin D'Souza, An Inspiring DJ Artist & Actor | Interview

 In our popular series "In The HotSeat", we bring you another inspiring interview with Martin D'Souza who is a DJ artist, actor, writer, photographer, singer, model, and in simple words an all-rounder. Without wasting any more time, let's start the interview, 

Interviewer: 1)Tell us about your education and profession?

 - I have done my MBA in marketing. I worked in the advertising and digital media agency field for about 5 years before I quit to pursue my passions. 

Interviewer: 2)What inspired you to make a career in different creative fields?

 - During my college days I like to do multiple things. I use to do a lot of theatres, public speaking, and writing so from my college days only I use to do multiple things and like to keep myself busy. But once I joined the private company I didn't get time to do follow any of my other passions. This thing kicked me hard that's why I quit the job and I do only those things which I like because if not now then when ( One Life One Chance ).

 Interviewer: 3) How do you able to manage time for different fields?

 -Honestly speaking I am very bad at time management and time management is something which I need to improve. I enjoyed doing what I do so even if I worked hard I don't get frustrated and bored. But the negative part of my life is I hardly get to spend time with my friends and family. So these are the things I have to sacrifice. But luckily whatever things I do all of those I do on a freelance basis so luckily I have the liberty to choose those work that I want to do.

Interviewer: 4) How one can make a career as a Disc Jockey?

 - I get to meet a lot of aspiring DJs and a lot of them do that because they are passionate about music but unfortunately, a few of them look at it in a glamorous manner so they think that if I get into this type of career I get to play for thousands of people and it doesn't work that way. So before beginning a career as a DJ you have to be mentally strong about that at the first go you can't attract 1000s of people and you have to start from baby steps. It's a bitter truth that during the beginning of your career you don't get paid with a lot of money. So one advice that I like to give to the aspiring DJs is to work hard, keep learning, and be patient.

Interviewer: 5) How to showcase our music work to the audience? How to approach brands?

 - Use social media to promote your music works.

 - Keep sending your musical works and social media post links to the club's and events manager and one day the clubs will definitely hire you.

 - Collaborate with other musicians and DJs. 

Interviewer: 6) You have tried different careers so which one is your favorite?

 - I like all of them but acting and DJ is something that I like the most.

 Interviewer: 7) How one can make a career as an actor? 

- You need to learn acting first.

 - Keep trying to pick up new acting related skills cause you never know which one might be of use during a shoot. Interact with the production agencies and keep them updated with your latest work and portfolio.

 - Keep patience because sometimes after giving 5-10 audition it is possible that you may not able to get selected for any of them ( Personally experienced). It's the same for everyone no matter how junior or senior you are every time you have to perform well to get selected and hired by ad agencies.

Interviewer: 8) How you learned DJ and different art forms?

 - I learnt DJ’ing at a DJ school (ILM / TheMusicscool) and with acting I never formally trained but used to do a lot of acting back in college for events at college competitions.

Interviewer: 9) What problems you faced during the beginning of your creative career? How you overcome those challenges? 

- The biggest challenge is not making any money at all. I worked for 5 years in a private company before I get into this creative fields so yes the first one is safe because there is job security and I got a regular salary but when I entered into creative fields I can't able to make a lot of money in the beginning to support myself. But with my hard work, patience, and passion I overcame that. 

Interviewer: 10) Is it right to drop out of college to make a career in creative fields?

 - There are people who drop out of college and are successful now. But I always believe to have a Plan B and plan B is your formal degree which can help you to get a job. If your plan A ( making a career in the creative field ) fails then you can get back into a regular job. Sometimes you might have to do a side-job to support yourself when you are following a passion.

 Interviewer: 11) What tips or hacks do you like to share with the budding DJs, Actors, Writers, and readers of this post?

 - To be successful in life you need to do hard work and you must have patience. You can't expect that everything( fame and money) will happen overnight it might happen overnight but might not happen overnight it might take a few months or years but you need to be patient.

Thanks, Martin D'Souza brother for contributing to the "In The HotSeat" series. I personally felt motivated after knowing about you. I hope this interview with Martin D'Souza may inspire you to move towards a creative career and if yes give me your feedback in the comment box. Click here to check out the old interviews of this series.


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