In The Hot Seat - Anup J Kat, An Inspiring Indian Cinematographer And Underwater Photographer | Interview

In our popular series "In The HotSeat", we bring you another inspiring interview with Anup J Kat who is a famous Cinematographer, underwater photographer, and a passionate Scuba Diver.  Anup J Kat is also the co-founder of 1st December Films. Without wasting anymore time, let's start the interview,

Interviewer: 1) Tell us about your education and profession?

Anup: - I did my schooling in Bangalore. I am a graduate. My formal education has nothing to do with my profession. I am a cinematographer by profession. I learned most of the things from Google. I shoot underwater as a photographer.

Interviewer: 2) What are the key areas of your photography street/Underwater/wedding/commercial/travel?

Anup: - I used to shoot a lot of weeding initially but nowadays I slow down the number of shoots. These days I am focusing more on underwater photography this becomes a part of my holiday and assignments that I get to shoot underwater.

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Interviewer: 3) How did you start with photography and cinematography? What is the story behind it?

Anup- My dad taught me to shoot and I am shooting from the age of 8. Photography for me started at a very young age that time I was using film cameras ( Old camera ) and with time I move to DSLRs so at that time it was very easy for me to use those cameras as I was already using the film cameras so I didn't have to struggle much while learning it. Slowly I started telling people that I am doing this and I started getting works and because of a full-time photographer.

 My dad uses to make TV serials for Doordarshan so I was always with them while he was shooting on set and I always try to observe the crew members like how they are using lights and everything while shooting. This small observation helped me to learn about Cinematography and hence I am also a cinematographer. These are the things which I am doing from my childhood and have always been a part of me but most of the advanced learning I did on the internet only.

Interviewer: 4) How a budding photographer can make a career in underwater photography?

Anup: - Shoot in a pool:

For this, you don't need too much equipment. You just need a camera and basic cases for your camera. You can get plastic housing for your camera called Dicapac on Amazon or Ubuy. Any camera whichever you won can get fit into that. It's not very difficult you don't have to shoot in shallow water you can shoot in shallow water. 

Shoot In An Ocean:

For this, you have to get certified as a diver. Before you shoot in an ocean you must become a good diver. But for this, you need expensive camera housing. Your diving skills matter a lot here because safety comes first not only you but the people who are diving with you. After building a good portfolio you can take assignments and get paid for it. 

Interviewer: 5) What are the career opportunities in underwater photography in India and abroad?

Anup: - You can Work for magazine publication because most magazine companies want underwater photographs.

- You can work for those companies who want to shoot their products underwater. 

- You can sell your underwater images online ( Shutterstock, etc).

- You can work in a dive shop. For this job, you have to shoot the people who come for diving.

- You can work with the shipyard because most of the time they need underwater photographers who can go and shoot the damage parts of the ship

- You can also work for government and NGOs because sometimes they have to show what's happening in the environment so that they can ask the citizens for funding for conservation.

- You can also work in the film industry as an underwater photographer. They need underwater photographers for an underwater photoshoot.

Interviewer: 6) Tell us something about your greatest achievements?

Anup: - I have got few awards for ad filmmaking. I have got 56 international awards and out of that I have one particular award called CLIO which is a very prestigious award and I am the only Indian who won the CLIO award. I am also doing underwater photography and nowadays very few people are doing it ( around 9-10 professionals only) so yes it's a pretty good achievement for me.

Interviewer: 7) How do you earn from this profession?

Anup: - I have my own production house called 1st December films and other than that I earn by doing assignments(ad films). Most of the time I called by the big companies to shoot their products so I earn from this also.

Interviewer: 8)Do you have any experience that makes you feel that you are the luckiest and happiest person in the world?

Anup: - Whenever I do my job I feel that I am the happiest person in this world. This because I am getting a chance to do those things that I want to do so this way I feel I am the luckiest man.

I hope this interview with Anup J Kat may inspire you to move towards your passion. Thanks, Anup sir for contributing to the "In The HotSeat" series. Click here to check out the old interviews of this series. 


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