In The Hot Seat- Onkar K Khullar, An Accomplished Public Speaker From Delhi | Interview

I started a series called "In The HotSeat" where I will take the written interview of famous personalities and will share the answer here as a part of "In The HotSeat" series. Today I am sharing the interview of DigitalGandhi aka Onkar Kishan Khullar. He was also known as the breakup Guru so if you have any relationship problem I'll definitely advice you to reach out to him. He has given more than 10 TEDx Talks. I tried my level best to ask question that can reveal his success secrets. So let's start the interview, 

 Interviewer- Q1)Tell us about your education and profession? 
Onkar: Dropped out from 3 colleges Failed with 5 startups Consulted 100 + NGOs & Corporates Written 3 Books 15 TEDx Talks 500 Shows on Teaching LOVE Across India 300+ Million Views Online on Breakup + Love advice .


Interviewer- Q3)How did you start with public speaking? 
Onkar:  When I had a breakup with a Public speaker. That day I challenged myself that one day I'll become a most famous and dangerous speaker then her.


 Interviewer- Q4)Who inspired you the most? 
Onkar: Robin Williams : He said keep playing.

  Interviewer-Q5) What tip do you like to give to those who want to get into this career?
 Onkar: Arrive , raise hell , leave Gyaan apne aap mil hi jaayega.

 Interviewer- Q6) How to get a chance to appear as a speaker on TEDx?
 Onkar: Keep Speaking you might one day bump into an organiser and hence a door will open.

I hope this short interview with Onkar may inspired you to move towards your passion. Thanks  Onkar brother for contributing for " In The HotSeat" series. I would also like to thanks Mashup team for supporting me. If you want to check out my old post click  here.


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