Bhubaneswar city is also known as the smart city where everyone comes with a dream but some people like me come here just to enjoy life and yes most of the times we don't have a good budget to travel every places of Bhubaneswar city . If you are thinking that after reading this post you able to travel Bhubaneswar city for free or in just 0 amount of money then that is wrong but not fully because the tips which I share with you here can save a lots of money yes " saves lots of money " . 

All this tips are based on the practical situation and yes you can do trust on me because I am a desi ( local ) traveller and yes I able to share this tips with you guys because I already experienced all this thing . And yes a travel blogger can't give you awesome tips like a local(Desi) people .

"Desi Hoon Gawar Nahi"

 Let's begin the post with my favourite quote ,

"Tips Can make your life easy but can't change your life but an easy life can change your life"


  This is how JATRINIVAS looks like (not clicked by me)

"JATRI NIVAS" is the best place to stay at a very very low price yes you hear right " very very low price " but keep in mind this place is not full of luxury with a good interiors and etc . I will recommend you to not to stay here if you a have a good budget try to stay in a private lodge . Jatri nivas is managed by government of Odisha . Here you able to get basic facilities like toilet . But if you traveling here in summer season don't forget to bring your own water bottle because here you don't get any water facility and water which distributed are generally polluted . This is my first Desi tip to save a lots of money during travelling in Bhubaneswar . This is the best place to stay in a very very low price for desi ( local ) traveller .


 Temple in Bhubaneswar ( No lunch is provided in this  temple )

The best way to eat lunch for free is visit temple during 12:00pm or 1:00pm and at that time most of the temple provide free lunch which also known as Prasad to every devotee . And yes you can not only able to do free lunch but also can able to get blessings from God which is more than everything . So this is my second favourite tip and trick and I really love it because the food serve in most of the temples are Bhubaneswar are really very yummy and I am sure that you gonna love that .


                   Auto rickshaw in Bhubaneswar

Traveling in auto rickshaw for free of cost is generally not possible but I will going to tell you a easy trick by which you can make this possible but I am not sure whether this trick will going to work or not but must try this because

"Something is better than nothing"

 So try this . So the trick is just ask the auto rickshaw driver that can he drop you just to a small distance for free and please ensure that tell him to go straight no turning way should be there otherwise he may not help you and also tell him that your home is present just in a small distance and tell him that can he drop you for free just tell him to help you after telling this type of small lie for many times you can reach to your destination . I am telling all this from my own experience so this trick work for 2 - 3 times for me in the same city .

I Hope you guys like the tips and every tips is based on my own experience . And yes you guys can follow me on INSTAGRAM too . Just go to my Instagram page and check out some amazing pics clicked by me .

Credit of JATRINIVAS image is goes to


  1. Thank you for sharing your tips and your photos at

  2. Interesting post and really liked the ideas specially of auto rickshaw travel for free.

    1. I too love that ( Desi Jugad ) . 😜But this tip shouldn't try more than 2 times .

  3. Great pics, but I had to wonder if this was part of an April Fool's joke or not... ;-)

    1. Obviously madam this is not an joke . Thanks for the comment.😅

  4. Great tips! I hope to visit India someday.

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